March 26, 2024

    Introducing the New Series of Lynx-CustomFit™ Splice-On Connector

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    Sumitomo Electric Lightwave announced today the launch of the next generation of Lynx-CustomFit™ Splice-On Connectors at the OFC Conference in San Diego, CA. The newest version of this series comes with packaging improvements that enable faster assembly and part number unification for certain media types to simplify the ordering process.  

    The design and usability of the outer packaging has been improved to reduce the size of boxes, saving space in users’ toolkits. Individual connector packaging has also added a perforated top, along with the standard zip lock closure to allow for faster and easier opening. Packaging for the ferrule stub has also been modified to enable faster access to the hermetically sealed, factory cleaned and cleaved fiber stub. The new packaging makes it easier to access the fiber stub without causing unintentional contamination.  

    Lynx PartsAlong with changes to the packaging, the bodies of the Lynx-CustomFit™ Splice-On Connectors have been reengineered to reduce the number of parts required to assemble a connector. Not only have the number of parts been reduced, but improvements have also been made to allow faster installation times with less chance for error.  



    Part number modifications have been made to unify the 250 µm and 900 µm tight buffer and 900µm loose tube media types. Where previously it was necessary to purchase the correct connector type for the media to be terminated, this updated media type can be used for any installation from 250µm fiber to 900µm tight buffered fiber and 900µm loose tube while meeting the requirements of both GR-326-CORE and TIA-568.  

    Finally, the ferrule side holder that is included with each box of ten connectors has been redesigned with more rounded corners and removed of its magnets to improve compatibility with a variety of splicers. 

    Version 3 of the Lynx-CustomFit™ Splice-On Connector will be available for purchase in early Fall 2024 in North America and CALA regions.  

    To learn more about the Lynx-CustomFit™ Splice-On Connector, click here

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